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whale hunting

Bagheera kiplingi the Vegetarian Spider

Show #86 - Vegetarian Times Turns 35

January 13, 2010

Show 86 was recorded on October 15th of 2009. Scott is late so Derek and Megan kick it off without him. The show was broadcast concurrent to the media frenzy over Natalie Portman going vegan after reading Jonathan Saffron Foer's soon-to-be bestselling book Eating Animals, so there is some speculation about the book.

Dave Warwak's art explores the connection between the Cow and the Peep™ to help children of all ages understand what animal rights is all about.

Show #47 - Thanksgiving 2007

November 22, 2007

This year our regularly scheduled show falls on Thanksgiving, and we take the opportunity to get the animal rights message out while the blood is pooling on the counters of US citizens celebrating the genocide of Native Americans. First we talk about Peta's investigation into Butterball's House of Horrors.

Would you eat meat grown in a laboratory?

Show #18 - Vat Grown Meat

June 22, 2006

Show 18 features Mat Thomas from In Defense of Animals (IDA) who talks about the latest technological innovation from NASA - Vat-Grown Meat. This space age invention could be the harbinger of a new era in animal compassion, where animals no longer need to be killed and meat eaters no longer need to be killers. But will it happen, and what would the implications be?

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