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Sistah Vegan

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Show #24 - Sistah Vegan, AETA

October 12, 2006

This is a great show! We feature an interview with Amie Breeze Harper about her Sistah Vegan Anthology. Amie is a Masters Student at Harvard University EXT. She is focusing her Master's Thesis research on a project called Cyberterritories of Whiteness: Language, 'Colorblind' Utopias, and Sistah Vegan Consciousness. Amie was motivated by the negative responses that a PeTA Campaign comparing slavery, women's suffrage and the Holocaust to animal oppression drew on an African American oriented message board. Amie felt that what she saw "wasn't offensive but was in fact captivating and thought provoking, inducing critical consciousness engagement in viewers to question their own normative practices." She decided to start interviewing black identified vegan females for an anthology that she hopes "will be an effective literary model that will show the Black community (as well as all people) the health and environmental/ecological benefits of strongly considering veganism as a practice that simultaneously resists institutionalized racism and other legacies of slavery and colonialism."

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