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Tonya Kay and Derek in Los Angeles

Show #19 - Tonya Kay the Raw Vegan Superhero, Star Drooker from Evolution Cafe

July 6, 2006

Show 19 features Tonya Kay. Tonya is a raw-food-athlete who spent 3 years dancing in the off-Broadway phenomenon STOMP. As a trained aerial stuntwoman with De La Guarda, Tonya brings live performance to a new level by adding elements of fire-spinning, flag dance, precision bullwhip and stilt-walking.

Derek and Megan pose in front of the vegan information display they installed at Forbes Library in Northampton, MA.

Show #9 - Dr Michael Greger, Touchstone Farm, and tales of Dick Cheney.

February 16, 2006

On show number 9 we do our first ever on-air phone interview with vegan guru Dr. Michael Greger, MD. We also interview our first ever on-air guest - Anja from Touchstone Farm & Yoga Center in Easthampton, MA. Anja talks about a capitalist plot to force the Touchstone collective to sell their land to developers who want to put up condos. Down with the man!!! Anja also plays a song for us to sweeten up our musical segment.

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