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Joe Connelly

Vegan Radio co-host Scott Lahteine tables with Susan and The Vegan Bus at the 2007 New York's Capital Region Vegetarian Expo.

Show #45 - Shokazoba & NY's Capital Region Vegetarian Expo

October 18, 2007

For our 45th episode we sneak into the studio on an off week, dragging along two of the members of Shokazoba, our local Afrobeat Battalion. Singer Hodges is a vegan anarchist running for "Vegan of the Year" (in Northampton, MA). Wendell Rheinheimer is one of the band's guitarists and also the veggie oil mechanic for The Vegan Bus. We talk about Afrobeat, politics and conspiracy theories, among other sordid things.

Megan and Derek's 1996 holiday card which sparked the modern 'war on christmas'

Show #7 - Megan and Derek's 10 year Vegan Anniversary, Part 2. The RAVS Years

January 18, 2006

On January 1st 1996 the Vegan Radio co-hosts went vegan together, and on the 10th anniversary of this event they go back to Rochester NY to talk to the friends, family and influential people they knew back then.

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