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Harold Brown

Derek, Sarah Kramer and Megan at Moo Shoes in NYC

Show #11 - The Vegan Cure: Outtakes

March 2, 2006

Last week we brought you a special edition of Vegan Radio that was produced for the Pacifica Network program 'Sprouts'. We called the episode The Vegan Cure (available here) and we interviewed people who overcame disease with a plant-based diet as well as experts on vegan nutrition and diet planning.

Dr Michael Greger diagnoses an organic red pepper and finds it to be of excellent nutrition. Photo by Derek Goodwin

Show #10 - The Vegan Cure

February 22, 2006

This special edition of Vegan Radio is produced for the Pacifica Network program 'Sprouts' and will be aired on FM stations throughout the US. Megan and Derek interview people who have overcome illness on a plant-based vegan diet, as well as experts in the fields of nutrition and vegan diet planning.

Harold Brown and  Snickers, the cow who helped him go vegan.

Show #4 - Farmer Brown and the Pedal People

December 7, 2005

Our fourth show features Harold Brown, a dairy farmer gone vegan, who was featured in the Peaceable Kingdom Documentary and now works for Farm Sanctuary. We also have amazing local veggie bicycle activists from Pedal People, three news stories featuring celebrity activists Sir Paul and Heather Mills McCartney, and more!

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