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Dennis Kucinich

Peta Meat Tray Demo in New Orleans

Show #90 - The Peta Files

April 4, 2010

Derek has moved to New Orleans and this is the first podcast produced in the Big Easy. Soon after his arrival the controversial animal rights/welfare organization Peta held a Meat Tray Demonstration in downtown New Orleans.

Derek with Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich

Show #49 - Dennis Kucinich, Caroline Dupont, and Barry Lovelace

January 3, 2008

Our 49th episode Scott calls in on Skype from his vacation to give a report on the state of veganism in the U.K. Derek debuts his Dennis Kucinich Mix just in time for the primaries in New Hampshire. Will it help swing the vote?

One of our favorite authors, Jo Stepaniak has written and/or co-written over a dozen books on veganism.

Show #42 - Jo Stepaniak and Vegan Bus Fundraiser #2

July 19, 2007

Show 42 features our first interview with vegan author Jo Stepaniak whose new edition of "Vegan Vittles" is hot off the press. Also on the show we feature a few news headlines, and we have the latest positive news about The Vegan Bus Project.

Speakers from the Inadmissable Comparisons Conference: Roberta Kalechofsky & Karen Davis, Carol Adams, Andrea Smith, Charles Patterson & Patrice Jones, Ashanti Alston

Show #34 - Inadmissible Comparisons: Animal Exploitation, Slavery & Genocide

March 29, 2007

On March 24th and 25th Megan and Derek attended the Inadmissible Comparisons Conference hosted by United Poultry Concerns in New York City. The conference was organized to examine comparisons that inevitably arise between atrocities such as slavery, genocide, violence against women, and the treatment of animals on factory farms and by vivisection labs.

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