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Carol Adams

Ricardo "Mad Dog" Moreira: Don't mess with this vegan!

Show #51 - Ricardo "Mad Dog" Moreira

January 31, 2008

Our 51st show features vegan athlete and Ultimate Fighting contender Ricardo "Mad Dog" Moreira. Ricardo talks about his path to veganism and how such a seemingly violent sport can jibe with a compassionate vegan ethic. We find how Ricardo gets his protein, how he trains by moving furniture, and why he fights in a cage. In the news we have stories about people contracting neurological diseases from animals, how African refugees are effecting the bush meat trade, and chimps being denied personhood in Austria.

Speakers from the Inadmissable Comparisons Conference: Roberta Kalechofsky & Karen Davis, Carol Adams, Andrea Smith, Charles Patterson & Patrice Jones, Ashanti Alston

Show #34 - Inadmissible Comparisons: Animal Exploitation, Slavery & Genocide

March 29, 2007

On March 24th and 25th Megan and Derek attended the Inadmissible Comparisons Conference hosted by United Poultry Concerns in New York City. The conference was organized to examine comparisons that inevitably arise between atrocities such as slavery, genocide, violence against women, and the treatment of animals on factory farms and by vivisection labs.

Megan and Derek's 2000 holiday card depicting them and their cats as spiritual gurus.

Show #8 - Spirituality and Veganism: Is there a Connection?

February 1, 2006

Our 8th show features interviews with six people on spiritual paths that include vegetarianism or veganism. We ask the six interviewees the same 5 questions and make a montage of their answers, so each person is heard throughout the show. Our interviewees include:

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