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Tribe of Heart

Jerry Cook "the veganator" with his "vegan police" badge

Show #17 - Jerry Cook of the World Orchard Project

June 8, 2006

Show 17 features Jerry Cook who was featured in the Tribe of Heart Documentary Peaceable Kingdom and is currently promoting a new project he co-founded, the World Orchard Project. This project aims to plant fruit-bearing bushes and trees in common areas around the world to provide free nourishment for humans and other animals.

Harold Brown and  Snickers, the cow who helped him go vegan.

Show #4 - Farmer Brown and the Pedal People

December 7, 2005

Our fourth show features Harold Brown, a dairy farmer gone vegan, who was featured in the Peaceable Kingdom Documentary and now works for Farm Sanctuary. We also have amazing local veggie bicycle activists from Pedal People, three news stories featuring celebrity activists Sir Paul and Heather Mills McCartney, and more!

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