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Burning Man

Carolyn Scott, the Healthy Voyager

Show #73 - Carolyn Scott, The Healthy Voyager

February 5, 2009

Our 73rd show features an interview with Carolyn Scott, who travels around the world and tries vegan food out at omnivorous restaurants. She makes videos and blogs about the experiences. We met Carolyn at Burning Man 2007 when she came to visit The Vegan Bus. She gives us her insights and favorite places to eat.

Derek and Tonya meet on the last day of Burning Man as Tonya packs to leave and Derek wishes he had dressed better

Show #63 - Tonya Kay and the Elephants

August 7, 2008

Our long awaited 63rd episode features a pre Burning Man interview with raw-goddess supahstar elephant-loving fire-spinning knife-throwing whip-master Tonya Kay. We talk about everything from bicycle blenders to elephant sanctuaries, as well as the infamous festival in the desert. We really bring out Tonya's sassy side in Tonya this fun interview, not to be missed!

On our way to Burning Man 2007, the Vegan Bus crew stops for a rest. From left to right: Jenna, Scott, Megan Shackelford, Claire McRae, Megan E. Labonte, Nicole Anastasi, and Star...

Show #44 - The Vegan Bus Burning Man Show

October 11, 2007

When last we met Vegan Radio co-hosts Derek, Megan and Scott, they were about to embark on a journey aboard The Vegan Bus to bring engaged veganism across the country to Burning Man. On today's show they bring three of the five other Vegan Bus travelers into the studio for a recounting of the trip.

Derek with Raquy from Raquy and the Cavemen

Show #43 - The K Show: Raquy, Tonya Kay, and Zak in the studio!

August 2, 2007

Vegan Radio co-hosts Megan, Derek and Scott are getting geared up to go to the Burning Man Festival at the end of August, and this show is dedicated to the spirit of Burning Man. We have an interview with Raquy from Raquy and the Cavemen which was recorded at the Starwood Music Festival.

Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter Dennis Crommett has recently gone vegan!

Show #41 - Vegan Travel and Dennis Crommett

July 5, 2007

Show 41 features the return of Northampton guitar legend Dennis Crommett to our studio. Last time Dennis was on the show (show 15) he was a mere ovo-lacto vegetarian, but since then Dennis and his girlfriend have both become full-fledged vegans! We talk to Dennis about the transformation and how appearing on Vegan Radio changed his life...

A Vegan Bus beer label made for a fundraising home brew.

Show #31 - Neti Pots and Grease Cars

February 15, 2007

Show 31 features an in-studio interview with Will LeBlanc, Derek's yoga teacher and author of a new DVD on how to use the Neti Pot. The Neti Pot is an ancient yogic device used for clearing the sinus passages, which is especially helpful for vegetarians who consume dairy products, but may also be of use to vegans with allergies or who crave more oxygen. For Derek it is a chance to explore his fascination with bodily fluids without getting in trouble with the FCC.

Vegcamp at Burning Man 2006

Show #22 - Burning Man 2006!!

September 14, 2006

Recently Derek went to the Burning Man Festival in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. If you don't know what the Burning Man Festival is about, well we don't have space to describe it properly here, but you can check out Molly Steenson's review on the BM website. In show 22 Derek relates his experiences at the event.

Tonya Kay and Derek in Los Angeles

Show #19 - Tonya Kay the Raw Vegan Superhero, Star Drooker from Evolution Cafe

July 6, 2006

Show 19 features Tonya Kay. Tonya is a raw-food-athlete who spent 3 years dancing in the off-Broadway phenomenon STOMP. As a trained aerial stuntwoman with De La Guarda, Tonya brings live performance to a new level by adding elements of fire-spinning, flag dance, precision bullwhip and stilt-walking.

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