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DIY Vegan Holiday Gift Ideas

December 18, 2014 - 12:13am

Finding the perfect gift for a friend can be challenging, so here are a few ideas that you can make yourself and customize to suit your friends’ tastes. The secret ingredients? Mason jars packed with your favorite vegan things!

1. Snack Lovers’ Jar

Pack a large mason jar full of your favorite vegan treats like chocolate, gelatin-free gummies, macaroons, Cocomels, and more. Perfect for all the snackaholics in your life!

2. Pampering in a Jar

This is for the friend who had a tough year and needs a break. Pack an extra-large mason jar with your favorite cruelty-free spa products, nail polish, candles, and cozy socks. Just make sure your selections are thin enough to fit through the top of the mason jar!

3. Vegan Dog Cookies

A guaranteed hit for all your friends with canine companions. You can use store-bought dog cookies, but it’s an even more personal gift if you make your own! Just try our vegan dog treat recipe.

4. Custom-Crafted Succulent Plant

This gift is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors. Plant a succulent in a mason jar for a gift that can spruce up any living space and will last well beyond the holiday season. You can find succulents in all shapes and sizes at your local Home Depot or gardening store.

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DIY Festive Vegan Holiday Tags

December 16, 2014 - 11:51am

The holidays present a special opportunity to share a compassionate message with friends and family. From giving vegan cookbooks or other cruelty-free holiday gifts to sharing vegan cupcakes with loved ones, there is no shortage of upbeat ways to spread compassion.

Here’s easy and fun craft idea that you can pull together in under an hour for just a few dollars—candy canes with a message! We’ve created compassionate holiday tags that you can print, cut, hole punch, and tie to candy canes with festive ribbon. Once you’ve made your candy canes, drop them at the doorstep of your neighbors’ homes, or attach them to gifts.

Vegan Holiday Candy Cane Tags


  1. Print the sheet of holiday tags below.
  2. Cut out each tag.
  3. Using a hole punch or sharp scissors, pierce a hole in the top corner of each tag.
  4. Tie the tags to candy canes using festive ribbon.
  5. Attach to gifts or use as stocking-stuffers.
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