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Speakers from the Inadmissable Comparisons Conference: Roberta Kalechofsky & Karen Davis, Carol Adams, Andrea Smith, Charles Patterson & Patrice Jones, Ashanti Alston

Show #34 - Inadmissible Comparisons: Animal Exploitation, Slavery & Genocide

March 29, 2007

On March 24th and 25th Megan and Derek attended the Inadmissible Comparisons Conference hosted by United Poultry Concerns in New York City. The conference was organized to examine comparisons that inevitably arise between atrocities such as slavery, genocide, violence against women, and the treatment of animals on factory farms and by vivisection labs.

Scott, Megan, Barry and Derek at Cafe Evolution in Florence, MA.

Show #33 - Vegan Fitness with Barry Lovelace; Supercharge Me... 30 Days Raw Documentary

March 15, 2007

On show #33 we have vegan fitness guru Barry Lovelace who drove all the way from Pennsylvania to be with us. Barry is the co-owner of FitQuest Fitness in Allentown, PA, as well as a certified personal trainer & group fitness instructor. Barry has produced exercise DVDs, and YouTube videos including Why I Am Vegan. He certainly has a lot of energy... where the hell does he get his protein? Listen and find out!

Eden Love

Show #32 - Eden Love and the Raw Film Festival

March 1, 2007

Show 32 features an interview with our good friend Eden Love, a raw vegan chef who works at Alchemy Juice Bar Cafe in Hartford, CT. We talk about how cooked food composts our bodies, agave nectar, the glycemic index, and more. Our second interview is with Dorit, who is an organizer of the Raw Film Festival which is taking place in Hollywood March 16th through the 18th.

A Vegan Bus beer label made for a fundraising home brew.

Show #31 - Neti Pots and Grease Cars

February 15, 2007

Show 31 features an in-studio interview with Will LeBlanc, Derek's yoga teacher and author of a new DVD on how to use the Neti Pot. The Neti Pot is an ancient yogic device used for clearing the sinus passages, which is especially helpful for vegetarians who consume dairy products, but may also be of use to vegans with allergies or who crave more oxygen. For Derek it is a chance to explore his fascination with bodily fluids without getting in trouble with the FCC.

A Greener Faith by Roger Gottlieb and The Lifelong Activist by Hillary Rettig

Show #30 - Religious Environmentalism & Lifelong Activism

January 18, 2007

On our 30th show we talk to professor Roger S. Gottlieb about his new book A Greener Faith: Religious Environmentalism and Our Planet's Future. Roger discusses the theory and practice of religious environmentalism as a counter to the religious fundamentalism and secular consumerism prevalent in today's world, and gives us hope for the future.

Dr. Michael Greger's new book; Bird Flu: A Virus of Our Own Hatching

Show #29 - Bird Flu with Dr. Michael Greger

January 4, 2007

We are happy to have one of our favorite guests on today's show, Dr. Michael Greger, MD. Dr. Greger has a new book out about the Bird Flu Virus (H5N1) called Bird Flu: A Virus of Our Own Hatching, which paints a terrifying picture of what can happen if this fierce virus mutates enough to achieve human to human transmission. Dr.

Amar plays guitar for the children at Khalsa Childcare

Show #28 - Raw Food Day Care

December 7, 2006

In this show we go to visit Khalsa Childcare in Leverett, Massachusetts where Amar Kaur Fuller provides the children with live food, yoga, and a meditative atmosphere to nourish their bodies, minds and spirits. Amar studied under Anne Wigmore at the Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston in the early 1970's and has been integrating a live food philosophy into her life ever since. She now has the children she works with growing sprouts, drinking eyedropper shots of wheatgrass juice, and enjoying amazing live food meals.

Peter Singer tries his hand at making a spring roll during Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero's cooking demo at the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival

Show #27 - 2006 Boston Vegetarian Foodfest

November 23, 2006

Our 27th show happened to fall on the least vegan holiday of the year, Thanksgiving. We could have taken the day off but instead used this opportunity to reach the people who were home listening to the radio while they cooked dead birds to poison their families with. They may have changed the channel, but they couldn't escape the radio waves that were passing through their kitchens and into their subconscious minds!

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