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One of our favorite authors, Jo Stepaniak has written and/or co-written over a dozen books on veganism.

Show #42 - Jo Stepaniak and Vegan Bus Fundraiser #2

July 19, 2007

Show 42 features our first interview with vegan author Jo Stepaniak whose new edition of "Vegan Vittles" is hot off the press. Also on the show we feature a few news headlines, and we have the latest positive news about The Vegan Bus Project.

Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter Dennis Crommett has recently gone vegan!

Show #41 - Vegan Travel and Dennis Crommett

July 5, 2007

Show 41 features the return of Northampton guitar legend Dennis Crommett to our studio. Last time Dennis was on the show (show 15) he was a mere ovo-lacto vegetarian, but since then Dennis and his girlfriend have both become full-fledged vegans! We talk to Dennis about the transformation and how appearing on Vegan Radio changed his life...

John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats poses with Ellen the beautiful sweet piglet at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY.

Show #40 - The Mountain Goats and Brenda Davis

June 20, 2007

Our 40th show! And it's a great one... Derek traveled to Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY to document the ZOOP! concert and camping fundraiser featuring seperate live performances by The Mountain Goats' John Darnielle and Peter Hughes as well as traveling companion Perry Wright.

Penelo Peapod, mascot for Viva Vegie

Show #39 - Pamela Rice & 101 Reasons to be Vegetarian

June 7, 2007

Our 39th show features an interview with Pamela Rice, author of the 101 Reasons Why I'm Vegetarian pamphlet and founder of Viva Vegie. Pamela tells us about her years of activism, why we should be proud to be vegans, and the Viva Vegie mascot Penelope Peapod. Our own Megan Shackelford tells us about her recent trip to France and being vegan in France. In the news Heather Mills goes vegan, a UK Government Email Leak Encouraging Veganism, and the USDA Discourages Mad Cow Testing.

After appearing on Vegan Radio, vegan Bellydancers Amethyst and Shaina perform at The Art Bridge in Shelburne, MA.

Show #38 - The Vegan Bellydancing Episode!

May 24, 2007

Today's show features vegan bellydancing, live on the radio! Megan is away on vacation in France and Scott and Derek are unrestrained (at last)! Tune in to listen to the jingling bellies of vegan bellydancers Amethyst and Shaina, and find out about why what is inside your belly is as important as what is outside when it comes to this ancient performance art. We also talk about the meaning of life in a universe where NY Times columnists are given free reign to write misleading crap.

American Vegan magazine summer 2008

Show #37 - Freya Dinshah & Rae Sikora

May 10, 2007

Our 37th show features an interview with Rae Sikora, who has been a spokesperson for animals, the environment and human rights for over 25 years. As co-founder of the Center for Compassionate Living and the International Institute for Humane Education, Rae created interactive critical thinking tools that are now being used by teachers around the globe. Rae recently spoke at our Valley Vegan Society meeting and we took the opportunity to ask her a few questions!

chicken photo by Derek Goodwin

Show #36 - Karen Davis, Synthian Sharp & Peter Young

April 26, 2007

Our 36th show features an interview with Karen Davis of United Poultry Concerns. Karen became the best known activist for chickens and other "poultry" as a result of meeting a chicken named Viva. Karen talks to us about International Respect for Chickens Day coming up on May 4th, and why chickens are deserving of love and compassion.

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