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Peta Meat Tray Demo in New Orleans

Show #90 - The Peta Files

April 4, 2010

Derek has moved to New Orleans and this is the first podcast produced in the Big Easy. Soon after his arrival the controversial animal rights/welfare organization Peta held a Meat Tray Demonstration in downtown New Orleans.


Show #89 - Soy and Compassion

February 18, 2010

Show 89 originally aired on November 19, 2009. We have two featured guests. The first is David Lovler, who grows his own soy beans and makes tofu, soy milk, miso, and yogurt out of it. David shares his extensive knowledge of soy and debunks some of the health myths surrounding soy. He also tells us his easy method for sprouting. Our second guest is Will DeVault-Weaver, who is a member of Cooks for Compassion, based in Amherst, MA.

The Revitalive Cafe in Newburyport, MA

Show #88 - Revitalive Raw Retreat

January 19, 2010

Our 88th show was originally recorded on December 3rd, 2009. In this show we feature an interview with Kristen Overlock and Anna Forkan from the Revitalive Health and Wellness Center in the historic seaport town of Newburyport, Massachusetts. Revitalive is a full service raw and living foods education and wellness center that also includes the Revitalive Cafe. Their wellness programs are designed to cleanse, restore, balance, and maintain health and vitality.

Veggie Pride Parade 2009 photo by Derek Goodwin

Show #87 - The Veggie Brothers' Cosmic Meatballs

January 14, 2010

Show 87 was recorded on November 5th of 2009. Our feature interview is with Michael Balducci of The Veggie Brothers. We originally met at the Veggie Pride Parade. The Veggie Brothers mails delicious vegan meals made by an award-winning vegan chef all over the US and Canada, packaged in frozen vacuum-sealed bags that you can boil and serve.

Bagheera kiplingi the Vegetarian Spider

Show #86 - Vegetarian Times Turns 35

January 13, 2010

Show 86 was recorded on October 15th of 2009. Scott is late so Derek and Megan kick it off without him. The show was broadcast concurrent to the media frenzy over Natalie Portman going vegan after reading Jonathan Saffron Foer's soon-to-be bestselling book Eating Animals, so there is some speculation about the book.

Chicks from a school hatching project are cared for at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

Show #85 - Karen Davis of United Poultry Concerns

November 28, 2009

Our 85th show features an interview with Karen Davis of United Poultry Concerns. Karen is an expert on everything having to do with chickens, turkeys and other birds that people eat.

Derek with Robert Cheeke outside of the 2009 Boston Vegetarian Food Festival

Show #84 - Boston Vegetarian Foodfest 2009

October 31, 2009

On Halloween day Derek, Megan and Scott along with several other activists took The Vegan Bus from Northampton to the 14th annual Boston Vegetarian Food Festival. Derek conducted a series of interviews that are featured on this special enhanced podcast. He talks to Dr Michael Greger about the latest in vegan nutrition and also the swine flu epdemic.

Boston Vegan Association's new outdoor video educational display OVED

Show #83 - Eric the Abolitionist

August 20, 2009

Show 83 features an interview with Eric Prescott, a Boston-based animal rights activist who is working on a variety of interesting projects, including a kiosk named OVED, a documentary series called "I'm Vegan", the Boston Vegan Association, and his blog An Animal Friendly Life.

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