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Show #94 - Comeback show featuring Robert Cheeke

July 17, 2011

Robert Cheeke & Derek Goodwin getting naked for the Peta "Lovefest" demonstration in New Orleans

Robert Cheeke & Derek Goodwin getting naked for the Peta "Lovefest" demonstration in New Orleans

It's been over a year since Episode 93 if you can believe it – but we're back! Sometimes as activists we need to take time off to recharge our batteries and assess things from a new perspective.

For Derek this happened as he went deep into his yoga practice and started spending much of his time practicing handstands. Viewing the world upside down, he gained a new perspective.

Megan and Scott have been keeping up their yoga too, and have spent the year fostering their creative interests. Megan's love of singing has brought her together with a group of vegan musicians called Manavi, while Scott has been making music and writing code for those touchy new devices we all know and love (we suspect to become a master of his own vegan virtual reality).

It's good to be back on the air! Especially as it marks the official launch of Vegan Radio 2.0. Scott's built us a whole new website (or rather his alter-ego Thinkyhead) and we're inspired to fill up these pages with good soul food. We'll be gradually unveiling all sorts of projects, guests, music, and surprises to keep you entertained and informed.

This episode features an interview with Vegan Radio favorite Robert Cheeke, the body builder who is helping vegan athleticism gain definition. His new book "Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness" is doing great and he tells us all about it. He also talks about his work with Vega, the vegan company that provides all-natural health and performance products for athletes and people who need a natural energy boost.

Derek also took some great photos of Robert Cheeke flexing his vegan guns in downtown New Orleans, and during his participation in Peta's Lovefest demonstration. Check them out on flickr.

The music featured on the show includes Derek playing harmonium and singing Yoga Sutra 1:33, Undersea Poem playing "Nuvens", The Pleasants playing "Streets of Darkness" & "Wounded Man", and Beloved Binge playing the "Vegan Radio Theme Song".

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