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Show #83 - Eric the Abolitionist

August 20, 2009

<a href="" target="_blank">Boston Vegan Association</a>'s new outdoor video educational display OVED

Boston Vegan Association's new outdoor video educational display OVED

Show 83 features an interview with Eric Prescott, a Boston-based animal rights activist who is working on a variety of interesting projects, including a kiosk named OVED, a documentary series called "I'm Vegan", the Boston Vegan Association, and his blog An Animal Friendly Life. Eric is an abolitionist who subscribes to the philosophy of Gary Francione. Eric explains the difference between abolitionist and welfarist approaches to animal activism, and is a living example of how to put abolitionist ideals into action. Our guest host is Meredith Madyda who debuted on a previous unrecorded show. In the news we cover Peta's 'Save The Whales' billboard, mad cow disease in the human blood supply, and yet another meat recall.

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