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Show #74 - The Renegade Vegan Show

February 19, 2009

Kevin Gianni with a baby goat.

Kevin Gianni with a baby goat.

Our 74th show features an interview with Kevin Gianni of The Renegade Health Show. Kevin is preparing to go out on tour in his RV and takes some time to tell us about his show and his recent activities. We talk about raw food, the Vitamix, fitness, bags under the eyes, yoga and attention deficit disorder, coffee, cacao-induced rashes, and all kinds of other wacky stuff. We also feature new bumpers with Dan Piraro, Emily Deschanel, and Danielle from Vegan Treats. We also feature an interesting intro, making for a fun filled, action packed and informative show from start to finish! For our podcast listeners we also feature the 3rd installment of Vegan School 101 with Dave Warwak.


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