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Show #53 - Veganic Farming and Deer in the Yard

February 28, 2008

Vegan Radio 53 features an interview with Ashley Howard who owns Heaven's Harvest Farm in New Braintree, MA. The farm is a CSA, providing portions of its harvest to people who pay for a share. The farm has always offered organic produce, but this year Ashley will be farming organically and without the use of animal manure. Since manure comes from animal agriculture it is not considered vegan. The method to be used on Heaven's Harvest Farm this year will be strictly "veganic", relying on no animal products other than what is there from local wildlife, of course! Speaking of which, the second half of our show features a pre-recorded interview with Rasa and Marlis, two vegetarians who have a web page called Deer in the Yard which documents their interactions with a family of deer in California. The deer have become good friends with Rasa and Marlis and stop by for back rubs and other fun and games.


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