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Show #48 - Liz Lovely and Mark Braunstein

December 6, 2007

Founders of Liz Lovely, Dan and Liz Holtz

Founders of Liz Lovely, Dan and Liz Holtz

Our 48th show features an interview with Liz Holtz, co-founder of vegan cookie-maker Liz Lovely. Our own vegan baker Megan Shackelford talks shop with Liz about just what it is that makes their vegan cookies so freakin good. We feature a listener-submitted clip of a talk that Mark Mathew Braunstein gave at the NorthEastern Connecticut Vegetarian Society in June called "Why and How to Wean from Cow: Milk's Utter Truth and Udder Nonsense". Also Vegan Hanukkah and further developments with Dave Warwak.


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