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Show #33 - Vegan Fitness with Barry Lovelace; Supercharge Me... 30 Days Raw Documentary

March 15, 2007

Scott, Megan, Barry and Derek at <a href="" target="_blank">Cafe Evolution</a> in Florence, MA.

Scott, Megan, Barry and Derek at Cafe Evolution in Florence, MA.

On show #33 we have vegan fitness guru Barry Lovelace who drove all the way from Pennsylvania to be with us. Barry is the co-owner of FitQuest Fitness in Allentown, PA, as well as a certified personal trainer & group fitness instructor. Barry has produced exercise DVDs, and YouTube videos including Why I Am Vegan. He certainly has a lot of energy... where the hell does he get his protein? Listen and find out!

We also have a second interview with Dorit from the Raw Film Festival and filmmaker Jenna Norwood who produced the documentary Supercharge Me... 30 Days Raw. Our featured musician is folk artist Jodi Shaw.


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