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Show #16 - Kyle Vincent

May 25, 2006

<a href="" target="_blank">Kyle Vincent</a> with a sheep at <a href="" target="_blank">Farm Sanctuary</a>

Kyle Vincent with a sheep at Farm Sanctuary

Show 16 features local Western Massachusetts musician and long-time vegan Kyle Vincent, who performs regularly at vegetarian and animal rights events all over the US.

Kyle came on the scene when he was the bassist and vocalist in the San Francisco New Wave band, "Kid Gloves", then lead singer and guitarist in the popular Los Angeles Pop band, "Candy." Kyle eventually signed with Hollywood Records which released his album, "Kyle Vincent" with its U.S. Billboard/Radio & Records Adult Top 20 single, "Wake Me Up (When The World's Worth Waking Up For)". In 2007 Kyle auditioned and became the new lead singer for the re-formed Bay City Rollers.

Kyle shares some of his music with us as well as talking about the recent atrocity in Sunderland, MA where a salmon hatchery was charged with killing hundreds of endangered birds in order to protect its farmed salmon.

In the news we feature stories about Wegman's anti-cruelty activist; PeTA's sexiest vegetarian contest; the link between dairy, twins and cancer; the 2.8 billion dollar vegan market in the US; the shrinking meat market; and TraumaMan, a dissection alternative. We also are doing some fundraising for Valley Free Radio 103.3 FM, the local station in Florence, MA where we broadcast our show.


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