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Show #101 - We Animals photographer Jo-Anne McArthur

July 4, 2013

Derek Goodwin, Jo-Anne McArthur, and Lo Vee in Washington Park, NYC

Derek Goodwin, Jo-Anne McArthur, and Lo Vee in Washington Park, NYC

Derek & Lo Vee interview animal rights photographer Jo-Anne McArthur, who is known for her project We Animals in which she documents, through photography, animals in the human environment who are being used for food, clothing, research, experimentation, work, entertainment, slavery and companionship. Her photos give us a view into their world that is often shocking not because she attempts to show horrific scenes of violence, but rather because she shows the day to day existense of the beings we share the world with. The photos are artistic and taken from perspectives that betray our typical human-centric and speciest gaze.

The We Animals project has opened up new opportunities for Jo-Anne, and she is currently the subject of a documentary film by Liz Marshall called The Ghosts in Our Machine. "The film follows Jo-Anne over the course of a year as she photographs several animal stories in parts of Canada, 
the U.S. and in Europe. Each story is a window into global animal industries: 
Food, Fashion, Entertainment and Research." 

We talk to her about this and more on Vegan Radio episode 101!

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